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International Exchanges and Cooperation

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To promote international exchanges and cooperation, HDUIES has bonded with universities in the US, UK, New Zealand and Russia. Lots of study abroad programs have been carried out, including the joint 3 + 2 undergraduate and master’s degree program with Lincoln University, New Zealand, the exchange program with Western Oregon University, USA, the Sociological Research in America, and the joint educational program with ITMO University, Russia. Joint Programs with ITMO.  

① Joint Programs with ITMO  

HDUIES has been collaborating with the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics of ITMO University, Russia for years. Students of HDUIES may travel to Saint Petersburg for degree or non-degree programs, and their academic records and credits there could be transferrred back home.




②Other Projects Introduction

1.3+2 Master Program, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

This program aims at providing excellent conditions for undergraduate students of Chinese partner universities to pursue a master's degree at the University of Canterbury.After completing the three-year undergraduate program in China and meeting the program application requirements, students can apply for the dual admission of UC, namely, the official admission of Study Abroad in one academic year and the conditional admission of Master. Students who are assessed as B in UC courses are exempt from IELTS to study in UC master courses.



2.Passages - Overseas Professional Training Program for University Students of China

The Overseas Professional Training Program for University Students of China, integrating American top companies, well famed universities, federal institutes and international non-professional organizations, provides students with the best learning opportunity and the most unique approach for experiencing culture through visiting, conferencing, field practicing and training. The students will have an opportunity to enter top 500 companies like Fedex, Apple, Coco Cola, CNN, Delta Airlines, and Cisco and work with CEOs, managers, and employees to exchange ideas through internship, meetings, lessons, discussions, team-building, and games.


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