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Aiming to develop the students into sophisticated professionals with innovation spirit and practical ability, HDUIES has formed a discipline contests training system as well as a multi-layer supportive platform. This training system has integrated the resources of the current laboratories and the accessible practical bases for college students’ innovation to build a distinctive brand of the college discipline contests. As a result, the quality of the talents education is significantly improved.

HDUIES ranked the first in Zhejiang province and the third nationwide in terms of student discipline contest achievements among all private college and independent institutes in 2020.It ranked 256 among all colleges in terms of student discipline contest achievements in the period of 2015 to  2019HDUIES ranked 256 on the list.


Ranking of Discipline Contests of “Private and Independent Colleges” in China, 2015-2019 (TOP20)


Ranking of University Discipline Contests in China, 2015-2019 (TOP300)

Take Advantage of the Discipline Contests to Achieve Great Results

The educational goal of the HDUIES is to develop the students into sophisticated professionals. In order to satisfy this requirement, on the one hand, HDUIES has taken the advantages of its traditional disciplines contests, and one the other hand, it makes efforts to foster new projects. In recent years, HDUIES has made a steady improvement in terms of the classes and types of the discipline contests. Breakthrough has been made in both national and international discipline contests. 

During 2015-2019, HDUIES organized its students to take part in 53 discipline contests, which covered all disciplines of the School. In total, HDUIES won 598 awards at the level of province and above, including 109 awards of the national level and above and 17 international awards. To sum up, both the levels and numbers of the awards ranked among the best and many of these awards ranked the first continually among all independent colleges in Zhejiang province. 


Students of HDUIES won the silver medal in China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, 2016


Students of HDUIES won 1 first prize, 3 second prizes and 2 third prizes in the 12th NXP National University Students Intelligent Car Race 


Students of HDUIES won a national bronze medal and 2 provincial gold medals in the 2nd “Internet plus” College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of

Encourage Learning and Practice by Building a Discipline Contests Platform

HDUIES emphasizes innovation education in science and technology. In order to encourage learning and  practice , HDUIES has set up a system of contest tutor, contest teams, and various discipline contests platforms to improve students’ practical ability. More than 20 teachers are involved in a innovation and entrepreneurship project (experimental classes of discipline contests), and they provide extracurricular training to about 1000 students for the contests. Moreover, HDUIES has established a gradient talents training platform by hosting academic contests as well as encouraging students to take part in college contests, provincial contests, the national contests, etc. 


A team of Intelligent Car of HDUIES students


HDUIES Appraisal Meeting of the 2nd “I · Create the Future” Science&Technology Contests in 2015

Multi-measures Taken to Develop Students into Sophisticated Professionals

HDUIES has taken measures to support discipline contests and innovation practices. Scholarships and grants of a total of , ¥2,000,000 every year are provided to  fund the discipline contests. 

A students’ entrepreneurship incubation park, which covers 2000 km2, has hosted  24 start-ups. Students also have access to 79 laboratories including public computer  and physics laboratories electronicand computer laboratories, intelligent devices research center and industrial robot laboratories, which cover a total of  56,800 km2. 


HDUIES Entrepreneurship Incubation Park


A Student Contest Team Being Interviewed by CCTV

(The team takes their work of “Air-pure” – Wearable Fresh Air System based on Kinentis K60 to participate the China Students Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.) 

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